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Does admiring Rex Murphy & Chantal Hebert make me a Geek? June 1, 2006

Posted by Andy in Politics, Social Norms.
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When I say Chantal Hebert, you probably don't know who I'm referring to. Maybe if I drop the name Rex Murphy you'll probably know who I am talking about. No…still no clue. We'll my friend, you've been missing out. These two individuals are regulars on the CBC. The CBC you say, yes..that's the Canadian Broadcasting Company. Rex Murphy is best known for his radio program called Cross Country Check up on CBC Radio, and his weekly Point of View on CBC's the National. Chantal Hebert is a journalist who writes for the Toronto Star newspaper. She is also a regular guest on the At Issue Panel of the National. The query that I'm pondering today is whether or not my facination with these two people equate to me being a geek or is this just an innocent intellectual fascination?

I'll start with Rex Murphy. My first impression of this guy was that he was a Canadian conservative who likes to do some good Liberal bashing (this was when the Liberals were in power). I initially thought he was just using his power of mass communications bestowed upon him by the CBC to speak ill of the Liberals and generally be up tight. Eventually however, I started to actually listen to he was saying and my views on him changed. By listening to him, you exposed to profound insights and thoughtful questions. However, I should note that listening to Rex Murphy can be a challenge in itself; as he's such an excellent orator…a playa of words if you will. If he was an intellectual rapper, Rex Murphy could probably be compared to the likes of 50 cent. Murphy drops lines about politics that would be the equivalent 50 cent's "Champagne Campaign" in the hit song Candy Shop. With such characteristics, when one listens to Rex Murphy, they are usually in for a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, with chills and thrills on the subject his is discussing.

In addition to his verbal abilities, Murphy also has a look that's very intriguing. Perhaps its his one cockeye that's adds to his allure. If that's not it then maybe its his firm stare of death while on television. At times, when I watch him, I'm almost scared, but soon feel safe as he flashes his pleasant simle.

In comparison to Murphy, Chantal Hebert is not as intense but is attractive in several non-traditional senses. The greatest attraction is her francophone accent. Her use of words are not as thrilling as Rex Murphy but generally when you listen to her speak, its very entertaining. In addition to her accent, Chantal also has a fun last name…Hebert (pronounced Hay-bare-te). Aside from the physical characteristics (accent), I'm generally amazed with the wealth information Chantal has. No matter the subject being discussed, she is generally able to provide a comment and an insightful one at that.

With that in mind, what does all of this mean? Because I really enjoy watching and listening to these people, am I a geek or do I simply have an appreciation for intellectual conversations and discourse. At times, based on the topic or subject being discussed by either individuals I find myself inspired by their words. My conclusion on the query would be that I simply have a affinity to intellectual things. I'll use an example from a debating trip I went on last fall (2005). At the finale of the debate tournament, I had an opportunity to listen to a number of great student speakers talk. I found myself inspired by these individuals and thieir abilities to talk about a subject with only a minute to gather their thoughts. In this way, I think that I am not a geek rather, an individual who enjoys to engage in stimulating conversations, and discourse.

But does enjoying such things a suffcient condition for being a geek? Thoughts anyone?

(Photo Sources: CBC Radio, Guelph Mercury)

Rail Trail Trip = Summer Begins! May 27, 2006

Posted by Andy in Fitness.
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27-05-06_1614sm.jpgYey! Its that time of the year again, the time when the weather has finally warmed up, when you don't need a jacket to keep you warm, or a chilly A/C to help you survive the sweltering heat-wave! There have been a few warm days like this since spring began but unfortunately I was sick or immobile so I couldn't enjoy the weather to its fullest.

Today, on the other hand, was competely different. Taking advantage of the great weather I grabbed a bottle of water and my trusty bike for a journey on the Rail Trail, located on the edge of Hamilton's portion of the Niagara escarpment. Its been a few years since I've bike on this trail and I have to say, it was a great start to the outdoor component of my summer!

During the summers when I was 15 to 18, I used to bike on the trail almost daily. Its a great workout and gorgeous scenery. The portion of the trail I usually bike on is approximately 7 kilometers. I usually start at the base of Wentworth Street and continue to a park just east of the Mohawk Sports Complex at the top of 27-05-06_1616sm.jpgHamilton's East Mountain. Its a paved route that has a gentle incline from the bottom up. On the return trip, bikers are provided a very pleasant treat as you're able to descend at a very fast speed (I'll measure it next time..but its extremely fast!).

This trail is one of Hamilton's many hidden outdoor gems (ie. Webster's Falls). As evident from its name, it was a former path for trains until it was converted. Aside from the natural beauty and great workout, this trip was return to a stress free environment. I figured that the reason why I haven't biked on the rail trail in the past few years is because I was too damn busy. This summer on the other hand, I pledge to enjoy such trips more than in the past few years.

Biking down a secluded path at a high speed, wind in my face, Coldplay in my ears, was very relaxing. If not for the workout, the scenery, or the relaxation, this trip was a great beginning to summer outdoor.

A Guyana Savannah May 13, 2006

Posted by Andy in Guyana.
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Rain on the Rupununi, originally uploaded by Tim Jagelman.

Welcome to moonsammy.ca May 13, 2006

Posted by Andy in General.
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Hi and Welcome! This is the personal blog/website/homepage of Andy Moonsammy on the internet. Please stay tuned for more updates and additions in the near future.