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Rail Trail Trip = Summer Begins! May 27, 2006

Posted by Andy in Fitness.

27-05-06_1614sm.jpgYey! Its that time of the year again, the time when the weather has finally warmed up, when you don't need a jacket to keep you warm, or a chilly A/C to help you survive the sweltering heat-wave! There have been a few warm days like this since spring began but unfortunately I was sick or immobile so I couldn't enjoy the weather to its fullest.

Today, on the other hand, was competely different. Taking advantage of the great weather I grabbed a bottle of water and my trusty bike for a journey on the Rail Trail, located on the edge of Hamilton's portion of the Niagara escarpment. Its been a few years since I've bike on this trail and I have to say, it was a great start to the outdoor component of my summer!

During the summers when I was 15 to 18, I used to bike on the trail almost daily. Its a great workout and gorgeous scenery. The portion of the trail I usually bike on is approximately 7 kilometers. I usually start at the base of Wentworth Street and continue to a park just east of the Mohawk Sports Complex at the top of 27-05-06_1616sm.jpgHamilton's East Mountain. Its a paved route that has a gentle incline from the bottom up. On the return trip, bikers are provided a very pleasant treat as you're able to descend at a very fast speed (I'll measure it next time..but its extremely fast!).

This trail is one of Hamilton's many hidden outdoor gems (ie. Webster's Falls). As evident from its name, it was a former path for trains until it was converted. Aside from the natural beauty and great workout, this trip was return to a stress free environment. I figured that the reason why I haven't biked on the rail trail in the past few years is because I was too damn busy. This summer on the other hand, I pledge to enjoy such trips more than in the past few years.

Biking down a secluded path at a high speed, wind in my face, Coldplay in my ears, was very relaxing. If not for the workout, the scenery, or the relaxation, this trip was a great beginning to summer outdoor.

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