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My Guyana


Welcome to My Guyana page. Since I am a proud Guyanese, I would like to share all that is beautiful about my country of birth. This page is a compilation of pictures, sounds, videos, informative links and other such elements about Guyana. Enjoy!

Guyana is located at the Northeastern edge of South America. It borders Venezuela to the (North) West, Brazil on the South West, and Suriname on the East. Although Guyana is physically part of the South American continent, it shares a lot of cultural connections with the islands the Caribbean. Most of these connections originate from the Colonial era when the Atlantic slave trade, and indenture labour were prominent. Back in the day (the late 1800’s) when the British, Americans, and other European colonial powers were dividing up the map/establishing borders, a large portion of the western segment was claimed to be owned by Venezuela. Eventually, Guyana (or British Guiana) was defined as owning the disputed section, based on an older agreement.

During the 20th century, there has been some sabre rattling by Venezuela over the area of land. In the late 1990’s, American (Texas based) “Beal Aerospace” was planning on building a satellite launch site in Northern Guyana but because of sabre rattling, the deal fell through.

Another such disputed area is Guyana’s eastern border with Suriname. The border which is defined mostly by a river (the Corentyne River), has also caused some problems for Guyana. In the late 1990’s/early 2000’s, armed Suriname boat(s) forced a Canadian Petroleum exploration company out of an area in the Atlantic Suriname claims. The Suriname border dispute was settled in Guyana’s favour by the United Nations in 2007/2008.

Most of Guyana’s 750,000 population lives on its North East coastal region along the Atlantic. The area is well below sea level and is made habitable by a system of levees (sea walls), rivers, and canals. The other parts of Guyana are mostly untouch rainforests, making it the country with the largest amount of virgin rainforest in the world. Guyana has a lot of natural beauty!

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